Statements, Assessments and Invoices

Every day, KCI helps hundreds of companies produce and process thousands of pieces of confidential and time-sensitive mail, including statements, invoices, collection notices, 1099s, checks and even school report cards.

KCI can create corporate invoice, statement or other type of document templates that are unique to your business. You just need to collect your data, select your template, upload the data, and everyone involved can see an online proof almost immediately. Better yet, we’ll print, fold, insert and mail your documents.

If your customers and clients prefer to receive their monthly invoices and statements electronically, we can manage that, too. And it’s equally easy for them to make their payments online.

Our monthly invoicing capabilities are available to local units of governments, too. We have a unique, proprietary software program designed specifically for BS&A exports. Securely upload your database, choose the appropriate template, and in as little as 60 seconds see a proof of your tax bills, water bills, property assessments and more. And yes, of course, we will take care of the printing and distribution. We provide this service to hundreds of municipalities throughout the state. Why not you?