Let’s Get Digital

Let’s say you’ve got a project that involves a small print run. Or let’s say that you have a sales sheet that changes frequently. Rather than printing a large run and getting stuck with obsolete inventory, why not just print a short run of what you need today? What you need is Print-on-Demand.

KCI is a whiz at small print runs and Print-on-Demand. We can quickly turn around digitally printed and customized communication materials quickly—no matter the size or complexity.

What types of materials?

  • Stationery and identity packages
  • Brochures and fliers
  • Sell sheets and business cards

Better yet, you can order printing right from your own computer. We’ll keep a digital library of your Print-on-Demand pieces and set up a unique storefront for you, so ordering just-in-time materials is a snap from anywhere on the globe.