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Vote by mail requires a series of complex pieces that need to be accomplished in an extraordinarily short time frame. These tasks can seem challenging or tedious to those not familiar with the process.

We are here to help.

With our election mailing services, we can automate some of these tasks.

Save money, save time, and increase transparency with KCI’s print and mail solutions. At the same time, avoid costly delays with the postal service and elevate voter confidence.

Our on-site postal sorting equipment means you get the best possible postage rate and accurate mail processing. We’ve been working with the postal service for almost 50 years, so you can count on our expertise.

Unsure of where to start? Request our complimentary Election Print Services pack to see samples of our products or give us a call at 616-957-2120.

Why trust KCI?

  • We sort mail for the US Post Office as part of our daily operations.
  • We can often obtain discounts not available to the general public.
  • We deliver our mail to the postal sorting center already in sort order, in trays clearly marked with tags and paperwork telling the Post Office what is in each tray and each pallet, which means your election mail will receive careful treatment and will be mailed successfully.

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Ballot Envelopes

Get the exact number of outer and return envelopes that you need with no minimum order. Options include having them preprinted with the precinct/ballot number and/or voter information. Use them with our without our ballot tracking service.

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Ballot Mailing

Mail your ballots at the lowest possible rate and minimize errors caused by hard-to-read handwriting or inexperienced staff.

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Ballot Tracking

End-to-end tracking of your ballots that utilizes the USPS informed visibility service, with the option of adding email notification and text messaging to voters.

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Absentee Voter Ballot Applications

Send us your file directly from the State of Michigan QVF! Most of the time, KCI can print and mail the applications at a cost similar to what you would pay for first class postage alone.

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Voter Information Materials

With the help of Michigan clerks, we’ve developed a postcard to remind voters that they requested to be on the permanent vote-by-mail list, as well as a “Making Your Vote Count” brochure.

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Voter ID Cards

Need to print and mail a number of voter ID cards? Not a problem! Send KCI the list—we will print and mail your voter ID cards. Often we can do this for less than what you would pay for postage alone. No more frustrating jammed printers or postage machines!

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Secrecy Sleeves

Ensure voter privacy with our durable Secrecy Sleeves. Designed to protect ballot confidentiality during the voting process, these sleeves are easy to handle and ensure ballots remain secure until counted. Ideal for all polling stations.

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Ballot Marking Instructions

Provide clear and concise Ballot Marking Instructions to ensure a smooth voting experience. Our well-designed guides help voters understand the correct way to mark their ballots, reducing errors and ensuring every vote counts accurately.

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Confirmation Cards

Confirmation Cards are essential for verifying voter identities and recording participation. Customizable and easy to use, these cards help maintain accurate voter records and streamline the check-in process at polling stations.

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Master Cards

Master Cards are critical for election officials, offering a reliable way to manage and track various aspects of the voting process. Durable and easy to use, these cards help ensure a well-organized and efficient election day.

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I Voted Stickers

Celebrate voter participation with our iconic I Voted Stickers. These eye-catching stickers are a cherished symbol of civic duty, proudly worn by voters to show their involvement in the democratic process. Available in multiple designs and colors.

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Future Voter Stickers

Encourage the next generation of voters with our vibrant Future Voter Stickers. Perfect for engaging young participants and promoting civic awareness, these stickers are a great addition to any election event, inspiring future involvement.

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