Our End-to-end tracking service, TrackMIBallot was developed specifically for election mail.

We know that you, as the clerk, are responsible for the printing, mailing, recording, and security of your local election. There are legal deadlines you cannot miss.  With the increase in election mail being sent and received, you are likely to see increases in both workload and postage costs.

KCI is here to help.


TrackMIBallot utilizes the US Postal service informed visibility service to track your ballots through the US Postal service.

You can track the ballots either to the voter and back or just outbound to the voter, with the option of adding email notification and text messaging to the voter if you wish.

Our secure portal allows you, the election official, to look up a ballot and see where it is in the mail stream.  You’ll be able to answer the “where is my ballot” question as well as plan staffing around the number of ballots coming back on a particular day.

Our updated service saves you even more time! Here’s how:

No labels! No need to pre-order thousands of return envelopes!

Using our specially designed ballot envelope and return ballot envelopes, you send us the information via secure web portal the precinct and ballot numbers assigned to the voter.

  • Using our secure web portal, you send us the precinct and ballot numbers assigned to your voters.
  • KCI prints the voter information, precinct and ballot number, a tracking barcode, and the State of Michigan return postage directly onto our specially designed return envelope. The printed envelopes are sent via secure courier within 48 hours to you.
  • Your team assembles the ballots, inserts them into the KCI blue ballot envelope and, upon completion, notifies KCI.
  • KCI will then pick up the ballots, apply the outbound tracking, sort and tray for the USPS, tag with election mail tags and deliver to the US Post Office.*
  • You will receive proof of mailing.

Often, we can save you 60% or more on postage! And, we send entire trays and pallets of ballots to the post office, making them highly visible when they are in the plant, which is not the case if you drop them in your local mailbox.

*Because of the time sensitivity, the service area is limited; contact us for availability.

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