Election Mailing Services

Vote by mail requires a series of complex pieces.

Those pieces need to be completed in very specific ways in an extraordinarily short time frame. These tasks can be challenging and may appear tedious to those not familiar with the process.

We are here to help.

With our election mailing services, we can automate some of these tasks, saving you time and minimizing errors caused by hard-to-read handwriting and inexperienced staff.


AV Application mailing

Have a large quantity of AV applications to send out? Our turnkey solution allows you to send us your file from the State of Michigan QVF.

The process is simple.

You select the style you like.

Send us the file from QVF.

  • We print the applications.
  • Print the voter information on them.
  • Apply the State of Michigan return postage.
  • Sort, and mail.

We often use non-profit or presort standard postage with a request to return undeliverable pieces. This saves you 50% or more on outbound postage.

Most of the time, KCI can print and mail the applications for close to what you would pay for first class postage alone.

Ballot Mailing

Tracking* or no tracking, if you are within our service area, consider using KCI for your Vote-by-mail ballots.

  • Pick up your outbound ballots.
  • Apply postage at the lowest possible rate if needed.
  • Sort, barcode, tray, tag with USPS Ballot tags.
  • Deliver to the US Postal Service sorting facility.
  • Our presort rate allows us to mail the heavier 2+ oz. ballots for the same rate as a 1 oz. letter.
  • Provide pickup and sorting services for just the first large mailing or, if you prefer, continuously until 5 days prior to an election.

Ballot Envelope imprinting

Don’t have the staff or time to print labels and hand write assigned precinct and ballot numbers on purple envelopes?

KCI can help!

Use our purple envelopes. You won’t have to store them or send us your envelopes. Here’s all you have to do:

  • Assign the ballots in QVF like you normally do.
  • Instead of printing the labels, send the file to KCI.
  • KCI will imprint the voter information, the precinct and ballot number on the envelopes.
  • We will return the envelopes to you within 48 hours in precinct and ballot number order.
  • You team then assembles and mails as usual.
  • Combine with our ballot pickup and mailing service to save even more time and improve accuracy.

VoterID Mailing

Has your municipality recently had district lines re-drawn? Need to print and mail a number of VoterID cards?

Not a problem!

Send KCI the list and we will print and mail the VoterID cards. Often for less than you will pay for postage. No frustration with jamming your printer or running through your postage machine.

Unsure of where to start? Request our complimentary Election Print Services pack to see samples of our products or give us a call at 616-957-2120.

KCI sorts mail for the US Post office as part of our daily operations. Why does this matter?

  • We can often obtain discounts not available to the general public
  • We deliver our mail to the postal sorting center already in sort order, in trays clearly marked with tags and paperwork telling the post office what is in each tray and each pallet.


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