Ballot Envelope Imprinting

Don’t have the staff or time to print labels and handwrite assigned precinct and ballot numbers on purple envelopes?

KCI can help!

Use our purple envelopes. You won’t have to store them or send us your envelopes. Here’s all you have to do:

  • Assign the ballots in QVF like you normally do.
  • Instead of printing the labels, send the file to KCI.
  • KCI will imprint voter information, precinct and ballot number on the envelopes.
  • We will return the envelopes to you within 48 hours in precinct and ballot number order.
  • Your team assembles and mails as usual.
  • Combine with our ballot pickup and mailing service to save even more time and improve accuracy.

Outer Envelope

  • High quality, 6” x 10” gum-seal white envelope with oversized window printed in blue and black ink.
  • No minimum order, get exactly what you need when you need it.
  • Designed to work with or without our ballot tracking service.

Return Envelope

  • High quality, 5 7/8” x 9 ¼” gum seal white envelope with State of Michigan pre-paid return postage.
  • Printed in purple and black ink.
  • No minimum order.
  • Option to have pre-printed precinct/ballot number and/or voter information pre-printed.
  • Designed to work with or without our ballot tracking service.

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